T11 Automation | High-performance duo

The all-rounder in automation.

Whether it’s edge trimming, part stacking, or handling large components, the T11 Automation is versatile in its applications.

Simple control,
big impact.

No complicated robot language necessary.
Operation remains simple and intuitive.

Always up to date.

Our modern system adapts to your requirements, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Maximum performance,
minimal space.

Thanks to a compact design and the combination of electrical components, we manage to keep the required space as minimal as possible.

Intelligent robot system.

The robot’s end positions are determined by the product parameters, ensuring the highest precision and reliability.

Everything from one source.

With the T11 Automation, you only need one reliable point of contact – GEISS AG.

Interfaces? Not necessary!

Save time and money as no costly interfaces need to be created.

T11 Automation
Thermoforming with automation

With the T11 thermoforming machine, we’ve already set high standards in the field of thermoforming. However, by integrating advanced robotics into the T11 Automation, we take it a step further – following our motto of “one step ahead.” In the T11 Automation, we seamlessly combine the top-notch performance of the T11 with advanced robotics. The integrated robot not only expands the machine’s capabilities but also revolutionizes the handling of large components, edge trimming, and part stacking. It’s the successful fusion of proven thermoforming technology and cutting-edge automation solutions – all from the house of GEISS. A new milestone in the thermoforming process.


Powerful technology combo

Modern thermoforming technology meets powerful robotics. Discover the best of both worlds with the T11 Automation.

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Intuitive control panel for the machine and robot.


Seamless connection between the robot and machines.

Robot arm

Highly precise for fast and accurate handling.

Product processing

Automated product ejection and storage after processing.

Integrated robot control

No additional robot control necessary, as it is directly integrated into the machine control.


Fast heating of the sheet using various types of halogen heating elements.

INNOVATION LEADER: Sheet automation

For loading of plastic sheets for fully automatic production.

INNOVATION LEADER: Stepless adjustment

Stepless adjustment of window plates and clamping frames.

Machine housing

Space-saving for maximum utilization of processing areas.

All benefits at a glance

Maximum productivity through intelligent automation

Achieving the highest quality standards in production

Perfectly designed drive technology with optimised energy concept

Shorten machine cycle times by approximately 60%

Minimize energy consumption by more than 50%

Reduced material usage and waste through efficient production (NH)

Maximum user-friendliness through modern HMI

Turnkey solutions

High level of automation

Longevity through high product quality and the use of quality components

Easy to maintain

Numerous service offerings

Also available as pressure forming and twin-sheet equipment for the production of closed parts

Perfect parametric: No more compromises in machine size

Highest precision in manufacturing

Form follows function: Your product determines the machine form.

Technical details

T11 Automation in facts

Rigid frame construction
Closed machine housing
Servo motor drives
Adjustable clamping frame
Automatic sag control
Single radiator control with quartz radiator for top and bottom heating
Swiveling PC control panel
Upper die
Cooling fans with water spray cooling
Pre-blow controls
Powerful liquid temperature control systems up to 90°C or 150°C, electrically even higher
Robust pyrometers for controlling the forming or demolding temperature
Proven tool clamping systems and table and upper punch
Motor-adjustable window plates and clamping frames
Short quartz, flash, or Speedium radiators
Process-dependent programmable undercut functions
Process-dependent programmable undercut functions
Newly developed Speedium radiators with higher performance
Overpressure and twin-sheet equipment for the production of closed molded parts
Special equipment package for better acrylic processing
High closing forces (up to 60 t) with motorized drives
Automatic tool change carts
Twin-sheet variant for processing 2 sheets in one cycle

HMI software SINUMERIK Operate

The Siemens SINUMERIK ONE control system integrated into our machines sets new standards in performance and efficiency. With a 30% increased CNC power and innovative Safety Integrated Plus technology, maximum safety and ease of operation are ensured. Complemented by modern operating components like the 19″ widescreen TFT touch display and extensive programming capabilities, it represents advanced precision and flexibility in thermoforming technology.

Maximizing your production efficiency

Our product services offer you comprehensive support, starting with a thorough analysis of your product. We tailor the equipment of the thermoforming machine to your specific requirements and provide guidance on selecting the appropriate automation options. Furthermore, we optimize the production process by reducing material and energy consumption and analyzing the cycle time of your components. With the help of prototype production and testing, we can ensure that your desired cycle time is achieved. Let us be your partner!

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